This is my first blog post!


It was supposed to take one or two days to make, but it took longer… Took me a little bit to find about “Hugo”. This tool is amazing, btw.

And I got super stuck with DNS configuration, since it was the first time I did it myself. After a lot of troubleshooting the custom DNS, I got the local Hugo prototype to work with “Netlify” using a githug repository, and ta-dah!!!

The result is a completly customizable website made on Linux for free! Using the terminal and .git to create it with Hugo was super fun. And I got to learn a little bit about HTML, MarkDown and HTTP along the way.

So yeah… I dont have any super exciting project to show today, but I have a place to start (thanks to Hugo).

Make sure you read the readme page if I created it already.

See you next time!